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1. Catering:


With an assortment of sandwich platters, healthy bakes & snacks, fruit trays, salads and desserts, let us make your next event delicious with an assortment of sandwich platters, healthy bakes & snacks, fruit trays, salads and desserts, let us make your next event delicious.


2. Health & Wellness Workshops:

Health & Wellness Workshops

Our team is available to conduct health and wellness workshops for schools, gyms, spa. Please also check with us regularly for our quarterly workshops held at the café & store.

3. Meal Plans:

Meal Plan

We are all pressed for time these days. While work, family commitment and social engagements keep our lives busy, proper nutrition is often neglected. We offer customized meal plans and meals designed to suit your needs and goals. From weight –loss, healthy weight gain or just simply to maintain a healthy meal schedule we have something for you.

4. Retreats:


If you’d like to connect with your inner self, incorporate more healthy habits, learn something new, spend time with like-minded people or simply take a break, we have special treats for you in store. From day retreats to overseas getaways, there is plenty to offer. Keep your eye out for early bird specials!

5. Corporate Packages:

Corporate packages

It’s a proven fact that happy and healthy employees take less sick leave and work better to increase company turn over. We work with your team to encourage and support healthy eating habits as well a more active lifestyle. Our team consists of personal trainers, qualified health and wellness coaches as well as nutritionists to ensure that your company gets the very best from your employees and team. What’s more, we can help tighten your team spirit by experiencing something new together!

6. Space Hire:

Space Hire

Host your events @EatToLiveLifestyle. Perfect for small group meetings, book signings, sip and paint, game night, book club meetings, spoken word, etc. Book our space for your small get together and meetings. Seats 12-15 people, excellent customer service, healthy fresh refreshments available, free Wi-Fi & charming ambiance. Please send us a proposal of how you’d like to use the space, dates and times of your events and the number of people attending.

Email: for bookings.

7. Eat To Live Lifestyle Gift Cards:

Gift Card

Give an Eat To Live Lifestyle Gift Card! Give the gift of choice and convenience. Eat To Live Lifestyle Gift Cards are great, thoughtful holiday gift ideas and make amazing corporate holiday, birthday and special occasson gifts. Starting from N2500 only!